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Every moment in the round pen with a horse,
you are looking at a mirror into your inner self.

The horse shows us what you “feel” like in real time.

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Private Equus Coaching Sessions

How people respond to us is largely
influenced by how we show up to them.

In Equus coaching, the horse reflects the client
and the coach interprets the horse to reveal
life’s lessons.

Horses have no secrets and perpetuate no hidden agendas allowing you to discover insights gently without judgment and at your own pace.

Related Retreats

There are opportunities for retreats where twenty minute Equus Coaching sessions are included.

If you feel disconnected from people then watching others discover the same disconnection can be the antidote.

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Equus Coaching Packages

In an Equus coaching package, you will
discover what you need to know in a
private Equus session.

Then we will spend a phone coaching
session unwrapping what showed up for you
and dissolve some limiting beliefs.

Follow this with another private Equus
coaching session to integrate
and apply your insights!

One more phone session and one more
Equus session will solidify the experience.
Watch the changes in your life unfold.

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