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Do you feel life should be a little more fun,
days a little brighter, have a purpose more meaningful?

Horses and people have a lot in common. Maybe you love horses or have horses of your own or you may be afraid of horses or have had a bad experience with horses as a child. It doesn’t matter.

The commonality lies in the internal world of both horses and people. Both have an inward spirit that lives strong in spite of outside hardships and traumas. There are times when this spirit gets squashed, or supressed or damaged, but it can heal and return again to move you through the world with great majesty.

I use horses to help me stay in touch with my own truth because horses are mirrors of our inner selves, seeking to be with us when our energy is strong and stable, wandering away when we withdraw or shrink away in fear, anger, sadness or frustration.

You, too, can learn to harness your inner spirit and nurture it to it’s fullest potential. Learn to be your own mirror to know when you are shrinking away from life, why and how to turn it around to stand strong within your own source of power.

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